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Custom Storage Closets & Cabinets Caledon

The safe town of Caledon has a small-town feel but big-city opportunities. The town started out with a population of 100 people in 1869 and now has a population of 59,460 and an area of 378.6-kilometres squared. Caledon is in Peel Region and is growing steadily. As the town grows you can expand and upgrade your home with Lancaster Customs. A few details and custom storage cabinets and closets can give your home a whole new feeling.

Caledon is doing its best to live up to its title of “The Greenest Town in Ontario”. The environmentally-conscious community has been working on being a greener town since 2005, when the first environmental action plan was made. Caledon has contests throughout the year to involve the young generation in being environmentally-conscientious. In 2015, there was an anti-idling contest, where students could enter a small idle-free video and the winning class would get a free pizza party for their whole classroom.

The video was also placed on the Caledon website and shown during a city council meeting. The contest was for the new anti-idling law that was recently put in place. Their Environmental Action Plan has a plan for air quality, climate change, energy, sustainable planning, greening town hall, community capacity, food and agriculture and transportation. Caledon is trying to cover every aspect to make sure the city is doing the best for the environment. Lancaster Customs can help you with your environmental goals by designing your garage and home to be efficient. Cabinets can also hold gardening equipment for when you are using your own compost and planting more trees.

Not only can you help save the environment in Caledon but you can also enjoy some of it. There are trails where you can ride, bike, jog and even walk your leashed dogs while you are enjoying the beautiful scenery. Horses are also allowed on the trails in Caledon. There are major river systems as well as the Oak Ridges Moraine in Caledon that create vast conservation areas for you to explore.

Caledon is home to the Albion Hills Conservation Area, Palgrave Forest and Wildlife Area, Glen Haffy Conservation Area, Belfountain Conservation Area, Ken Whillans Resource Management Area, Upper Credit Conservation Area, Terra Cotta Conservation Area and Forks of the Credit Provincial Park. Whether it is hiking boots and poles, a mountain bike or photography equipment to capture the beauty in the area you are going to, you need to store it somewhere. Lancaster Customs can help build custom cabinets and closets to hold all of your tools so they are ready when you need them.

Caledon isn’t just for leisurely strolls. It is also filled with excitement and sports. There are golf courses, the Caledon Equestrian Park, the Caledon Centre for Recreation and Wellness, Brampton Flight Centre and even a Teen Ranch. There are a lot things to do within the small town that will keep you busy and finding adventure everywhere you go.



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