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Custom Storage Closets & Cabinets Newmarket

Named one of the “Best Places to Live in Canada” by MoneySense Magazine, it’s no wonder Newmarket is filled with 85,000 people. The town in North York has the charm of a small town, but has accessible big city amenities that make it very desirable. Back in the early 1700s, Newmarket was desirable because of its place along the Holland River. The location made it a perfect route between Lake Ontario and Lake Simcoe, which made it a major portage route. If you like to enjoy the Holland River and go fishing or even like to sail along it, you might need a place to store your equipment. Lancaster Customs can make custom walk-in closets and cabinets to hold everything you need from fishing rods to the paddles of your boat.

Newmarket has a rich history and was even a big part of the Rebellion of 1837. Rebel leader William Lyon Mackenzie organized meetings before the rebellion. On Aug 3, 1837 he spoke at the North American Hotel on the corner of Botsford and Main Street in Newmarket. This speech, heard by 800 farmers, is what sparked the rebellion that led to a responsible government in Canada. If this piece of history means more to you than just facts and you want your home to resemble this frozen moment in time, Lancaster Customs can work with you to make your home look vintage and rustic. Your home can fit the period you want and yet still have modern functionality; the designers can even help you hide technology behind custom cabinets.

In June of 1853, Newmarket became home to the first station in Upper Canada when a train from the Toronto, Simcoe and Lake Huron Railroad pulled into the town. This train line still runs and is called the Newmarket Subdivision of the Canadian National Railway system. Trains hold a lot of storage for such tiny spaces. If, like a train car your home is small and needs more storage, then Lancaster Customs can help you. With custom closets and storage to make your home as roomy as it can be, Lancaster Customs will make sure there is no wasted space.

The Canadian National Railway Building and former station isn’t the only part of Newmarket that has history and iconic architecture. Most of historical Newmarket is along Main Street. Some of the important landmarks in Newmarket are the King George Hotel, Cawthra House, Old Newmarket Town Hall and Courthouse, Quaker Meeting House and Cemetery and the Trinity United Church. The feel of vintage and elegance can be brought into your home with the designers from Lancaster Customs. Cabinets, storage and closets can all be fitted with details to make your home feel more luxurious, just like parts of Newmarket.

Newmarket isn’t just a town about history; it’s also a sports town. In the Magna Centre in Newmarket you can find the Favourite Badminton Club, which is a part of the Georgian Bay District Badminton Association, as well as the Newmarket Soccer Club. The former captain of the Toronto FC Jim Brennan played in the Newmarket Soccer Club. Newmarket also has baseball, softball, hockey, golf, swimming, ringette, curling and running in its history. No matter the sport you participate in Lancaster Customs can help make cabinets and custom walk-in closets to fit all of your equipment, so all you have to do is grab it and go.



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