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Custom Storage Closets & Cabinets Oakville

From shipbuilding, wheat farming and basket weaving to the eventual industrialization of the town, Oakville has gone through many changes since 1805, when it was bought from the Aboriginal People. Since then, Oakville has grown from the original size of land to encompass the surrounding lakes as well. Just like Oakville, Lancaster Customs can help you build and improve your home.

The original stretch of shoreline was at the natural harbour at Bronte Creek where boats sailed in and out. Not only was this harbour for ships, but it also helped with the eventual lumber and grain trades that developed as the town grew. The custom closets and storage cabinets work like the harbour in that they can be used for different purposes. Lancaster Customs can make you custom cabinets that double as a counter for your kitchen or turned into a desk for your office.

Oakville isn’t just filled with an origin story but also a sports history. The Oakville Soccer Club is the largest soccer club in Canada and home to the Oakville Blue Devils. Not only does Oakville have the soccer club but also 60 soccer fields and a two-star, full-sized, FIFA-Certified indoor soccer pitch. If you are one of the many soccer families in Oakville, you are going to need a place to put all of your equipment, such as balls, nets, cleats and even some training aids. Lancaster Customs can help you get to the field faster by making custom cabinets to fit all of your equipment and even some extras.

The soccer fields aren’t the only parks in Oakville. There are over 300 parks that cover 1,420 hectares of land. There are also 31 waterfront parks, off-leash dog parks and garden plots. Oakville has a lot of natural beauty, and it takes a lot of care and time to keep it that way. If you have a yard or land that you care for, then you have a lot of equipment, such as shovels, water hoses, a lawnmower, pruning shears, a weed wacker and even a couple rakes. Lancaster Customs can help you fit all of that into one shed or garage with custom cabinets and even custom walk in closets so you can choose the tool you need.

Oakville is also alive with events throughout the year. Ever since 1993 there has been an annual Downtown Oakville Jazz Festival. This free festival has live performances on six outdoor stages. There is also a For The Love of Art Festival every year that highlights local talent from crafts, literary art and even live performances in dance, theatre and music. Whether you are a performer or an attendee there is a lot to bring to one of these festivals. Chairs, guitars, stage props, picnic baskets, and sometimes even a harp can be a necessity. All of these things need to be stored and kept safe while they aren’t in use. Cabinets and custom storage walls or units can be made to fit anything you are going to need for the big day and Lancaster Customs can design them for any style you want.



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