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Custom Storage Closets & Cabinets Richmond Hill

The “Rose Capital” of Canada can be found just north of Toronto between Vaughan and Markham. Richmond Hill was originally started as a small community along Yonge Street, which at the time was used as a military road. Now, Richmond Hill has grown, and, as of 2014, was home to over 200,000 people. Richmond Hill didn’t become the “Rose Capital” until the early twentieth century when they started to build all the greenhouses. Once the building started and people saw the beauty that came out of it, their reputation grew, just like Lancaster Customs. Once their custom walk-in closets and cabinets were built and people saw their beauty, workmanship and versatility, word grew and Lancaster Customs’ reputation blossomed.

The friendly, community atmosphere of Richmond Hill still exists and has even captured their unofficial motto of “a little north, a little nicer”. Lancaster Customs also prides itself on having a great and reliable team of customer service representatives.

When the Richmond Hill Association for Multiculturalism was founded in 1989, the diversity of the town grew too. There were big changes coming for Richmond Hill, including new schools, temples and clubs. If you are ready for some growth and change in your home or office, Lancaster Customs can help. We can create custom cabinets and storage cabinets to meet any of your diverse needs, including in your kitchen, garage or even a craft room.

Even though Richmond Hill has evolved and grown, there is still a lot of history still standing, such as the Burr House. The Burr House is one of the oldest homes in Richmond Hill and has been transformed into a tearoom and craft gallery. If tea and crafts aren’t for you, Richmond Hill is also home to three golf courses: the Richmond Hill Golf Club, Bloomington Downs Golf Course and Bathurst Glen Golf Course.

Richmond Hill is the only municipal government in Canada to have light pollution laws in place. These laws are for the world-renowned David Dunlop Observatory that has the largest telescope in Canada. The light pollution laws are in place so the night is dark and clear enough to see through the telescope. If you want to have your own observatory in your home you will need to have custom closets made for your own telescopes. The designers at Lancaster Customs can help make that a reality for you.

In 2003, Richmond Hill won the National Communities in Bloom competition. To add to Richmond Hill’s community reputation, there are also 166 parks, most of them urban parks for people of the community to get together. There are 544 hectares of natural untouched land for recreation across those parks. If you want your home to match the diversity of Richmond Hill with both modern and natural pieces, Lancaster can help incorporate that into your home with custom closets and cabinets that match your style and needs. Whether it’s sports equipment for when you go to the Richmond Green Sports Centre and Park or art supplies after you have been inspired at the Richmond Hill Heritage Centre, Lancaster Customs can create the perfect storage solutions for you.



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