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Custom Storage Closets & Cabinets Woodbridge

Woodbridge was once a city by itself, but it is now a community in Vaughan. It was built around a waterway and became known for farming. Building and development of the land started in 1802, but settlements didn’t start to develop until the arrival of Rowland Burr in 1837. Burr is known as the founder of Woodbridge as well as for his flour mill and a couple of other enterprises. The land was originally called Burwick but to avoid confusion of another town, the name was changed to Woodbridge in 1855. In 2007, the Woodbridge community celebrated its 125th anniversary and in 2016 it will have been apart of Vaughan for 25 years.

Woodbridge started its rise as a commercial centre for farming in 1800, when John Abell won awards at the Toronto Industrial Exhibition for his steam-powered agricultural machines. As it grew so did the businesses in Woodbridge, such as the Woodbridge Enterprise in 1875. Whether it is farming equipment or a newspaper press, Lancaster Customs can help you design custom storage cabinets to keep everything organized and ready to grow even more.

Woodbridge has grown from its original small settlement to more than 40,000 inhabitants. The small community of Woodbridge has grown and expanded. If, like Woodbridge, you would like to expand your home or office, Lancaster Customs can help build custom walk-in closets and even custom cabinets, no matter what kind of space you have.

The small community of Woodbridge is filled with shops and farmers markets throughout its downtown core. Woodbridge also has two conservation areas around the Humber River, the Boyd Conservation Area and the Kortright Centre for Conservation. There are also four parks and a fair ground within Woodbridge. For those of you that want to keep your lawns looking as beautiful as the parks but don’t have a place to put all of your equipment, Lancaster Customs can create custom storage cabinets for you. Your garage and sheds will be organized and ready for you to prune and perfect your home.

The Ontario Soccer Centre is in the Woodbridge community. This centre is a 130,000-square-foot facility for soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, rugby and lawn bowling. The Ontario Soccer Centre also has a sports therapy clinic, restaurant and room for trade shows and exhibitions. For all of the athletes who just don’t know where to put their equipment, there is Lancaster Customs. Custom storage and cabinets can be made for all of your balls and equipment, so they are safe and easy to get to.

Woodbridge is also home to the Magnotta Winery, the third-largest winery in Ontario. It is a family run winery from Niagara Falls that sells directly to the public. For the past 25 years Magnotta Winery has built its reputation with over 4,500 awards. Lancaster Customs can help any wine connoisseur to build a beautiful and unique wine rack for your home to match the unique and excellent collections you have acquired. Lancaster Customs can build racks for your wine glasses and for your bottles. Our organizational accessories have endless possibilities for any design.



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