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13 Tips For Organizing Your Closet

Everyone wishes for a closet that makes the best use of space, is uncluttered with items easily found and well-organized.

If your home comes with custom closets, you’ll especially want to make sure you’re using every inch of space wisely. Here are some tips to help you organize your closet spaces.

  1. Know your sizes

    Knowing the depth and height of your closets is a moot point if you don’t know how your clothes and accessories will fit. So, measuring your clothes is important when it comes to storing them. How wide your clothes are is especially important to note. Closet panels and cabinets usually have a depth of between 14 to 24 inches. Most things will fit in an area that’s 24 inches deep. You want to make sure your shirts don’t overhang in the space. Here are some other clothing dimensions to note:

    • Nine to 15 inches linear space for every folded sweater and shirt;

    • Up to 68 inches vertical space for coats;

    • Up to 50 inches vertical space for jeans and dress pants if unfolded (half that if folded); and

    • Up to 45 inches vertical space for skirts.

  2. Single and double-hang areas

    Look at everything you own clothes-wise. How many dresses? How many skirts and shirts? How many sweaters? By doing this you’ll be able to get a good fix on how things should fit in your custom closets. Double hangs are best for blouses, pants and shirts, while longer coats, jackets and dresses usually do well on single hangs. Something to note: closets primarily for men need little to no single hang areas.

  3. Corners matter

    Because you want to use as much space as possible, your custom closets should be outfitted with corner shelves. They can be used for storing accessories like purses and even suitcases.

  4. Paradise island

    Custom closets aren’t complete without an island. Any walk-in closet should have one. They’re great for folding clothes and can be created with drawers for extra storage. Closet islands have to be easily accessible; and that means you’ll need at least a 24-inch area on each side of the island. A 36-inch walkway is ideal if you’re willing to sacrifice the space.

  5. It’s better when the shoes fit

    A shoe rack is a nice touch in a walk-in closet. When devoting a space for shoes and boots, make sure a pair of shoes will fit comfortably into each nook. Save room at the bottom for some higher items like boots. A pair of shoes usually takes between seven and 12 inches of space.

  6. A place to sit

    Small seating areas in custom closets are ideal. Even a bench would do. It’s a good spot for putting on socks and shoes. It could go at the end of your island where it won’t take up a lot of space. If there is enough space for a built-in bench, that’s even better. Built-ins can also have storage spaces underneath.

  7. Access to your accessories

    Custom closets can also house things like belts, hats, gloves, scarves, etc. It may be the best spot for your jewelry as well. A tray for your baubles and bangles would fit nicely into one of the drawers in the island.

  8. Co-ordinate containers by colour

    Not only does this make your closet space look clean and chic, but you’ll know which colour storage containers have which items in them, making it easier to find things.

  9. Labels are your friends

    Even when storage containers are coloured, labelling them is a good idea. You’re more likely to take time to store things in containers with labels rather than just throwing them inside whatever box is closest.

  10. Top it up

    A lot of times the small spaces close to the ceiling of a closet go wasted. With boxes of all sizes on the market today, you can store things right up to ceiling level. Just remember that you’ll need a step stool to reach them!

  11. Mirror, mirror on the wall

    With all this lovely closet space, you’ll have to remember to install a mirror to check out of the fabulous outfits you’ll be trying on.

  12. Use the door

    The back of the closet door can be the perfect spot for hanging the laundry bag or for affixing storage baskets, which can hold things like toiletries, makeup, perfume, etc.

  13. Lighting

    Oftentimes, the last thing homeowners think about when designing their custom closets is the lighting. If you can’t see your things, you can’t find them either. Choose a light fixture that complements your home decor. Be bold. If you want a chandelier in your big, custom closet, go for it! Your closet, your style!

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