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Easy Tips For Overhauling Your Closet

Most of us have a love/hate relationship with our closets. We love that we have them, but we hate having to organize them. But it doesn’t have to be that hard.

Here are some tips that will help you to get the most out of your closet space:

  1. All hangers are not created equal. There are different hangers for different items of clothing. If you really want to take the best care of your clothes hang delicates on padded hangers and use wood for more heavy items like jackets.

  2. There’s more than meets the eye to a pegboard. If you mount an inexpensive pegboard inside your closet, you’ll be amazed at what it can hold once hooks are added to it – belts, scarves, purses and jewelry, among other things. Pegboards can easily be found at hardware stores.

  3. Clear plastic drawers. By keeping items in see-through drawers, you won’t have to go rifling through everything to find what you’re looking for, undoing all your organizing in the process.

  4. Use every inch. Even tight quarters can be used by investing in appropriate containers like hanging shelves and bins. Items can even be stored inside and above closet doors.

  5. Hang items in categories. Keep pants with pants; skirts with skirts; dresses with dresses and so on. This also makes it easier to create an outfit.

  6. Clearly easier by colour. In addition to categorizing items, hang them in colour blocks. It will not only make it easier to find things, but will create a lovely rainbow in your main storage area. Pretty and practical.

  7. Easy access. If your closet is rather roomy and has high ceilings and shelving, you might want to keep a small step ladder inside to be able to get to things in higher areas.

  8. Use the door. Remember that you can always use the closet door to hang things on. An over-the-door rack is great for storing items like shoes and bags. You can also use this area to store mops and brooms.

  9. Earmark an area for items often used. In the middle of the closet, find an open place for things you use pretty much daily – like perfume, jewelry and cosmetics for her and a shelf for weights for him. A middle space is easily accessible, so you won’t have to rummage through other things to get to your everyday use items.

  10. Smells count. Keep your closet smelling sweet and fresh by adding some sachets. Lavender is a good choice. It’s not as overpowering as cedar and it has a deodorizing quality to it.

  11. To hang or to fold? Decide which items should be on hangers and which on shelves. Here is an easy guideline:

    • Fold: Delicate items, especially beaded ones, anything made out of cashmere and sweaters.

    • Hang: Dresses, skirts, blouses and dress shirts, pants, jeans

  12. Consider vacuum-sealed storage. Major retailers sell plastic bags that can be filled with clothes and hooked up to a vacuum, which will remove any excess air and virtually create near-flat storage. These bags are great for keeping away dirt, moisture and nasty odours. They are terrific space savers.

  13. Everything in one space. Keeping all your clothes and shoes in one area will definitely make it less stressful choosing an outfit in the morning. If your closet has room for a small dresser, it would be perfect for things like pyjamas, bulky sweaters, and underwear. Colourful crates or colour-coded boxes would do the same thing if you don’t have a small dresser or the space in your closet.

  14. Adding some structure. If you have a pretty big gap between the ceiling and the closet rod, think about adding a removable tension rod above the stationary one. Even if there isn’t a lot of space, you’ll still be able to hang skirts or light, out-of-season tops. If the space is there, use it!

  15. The backwards hanger idea. After you’ve sorted through your clothes, hang the hangers backwards. When you wear a piece of clothing, hang it back up facing the “right” way. In about a year, clothes on hangers that are still backwards should be donated to charity because you’re not using them.

  16. Light it all up. It’s important to see all those things that you’ve spent so much time on organizing. Add a light if your closet doesn’t have one or update the one already there. It will also add some ambience to your closet space.

  17. Get a handle on clutter. Once you’ve organized your closet, keep with it. Reassess every six months or so and if you find you’re not using certain things, consider donating or selling them. Or make note of them and have a yard sale. There’s nothing like making a few dollars from unwanted items.

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