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Stylish Closet Doors You Can’t Go Wrong With

If you’re like most people, you haven’t really given much thought to the entrance of your closet, but having the right door or doors for easy access to your clothes, shoes and many accessories can really add to a room. Your options for what doors you can use on closets depend largely, but not entirely, upon the size of the closet itself. But, you do have choices, and you can always work with a home builder or carpenter to have them design custom closet doors that suit your personal style.

Let It Swing!

Most traditional homes are outfitted with hinged double or swinging closet doors. These doors are perfect for those closets you can just reach inside for your items. Need more space in your closet? These doors will give you just that, because you can mount racks, hooks and pockets, or even affix small shelves to the back of them.


Sliding closet doors were all the rage in 70s homes, but they are making a comeback, especially in modern condos and townhomes. These doors come in an array of colours and styles. If you like the look or mirrors or frosted glass, add it to one panel or both, the choice is yours. Take a look at the decor of the room and choose your sliding door according to the room’s overall theme.

The Bi-Fold

One or both sides of a bi-fold closet door can be folded back. They make a nice substitute to sliding doors since you’ll be able to use the entire width of the closet. Bi-folds only use about half the floor space of swinging doors.

The Pocket

These doors were incredibly common in 19th and early 20th century homes. Lately, they’ve seen a resurgence because they save space and look quite elegant. They’re different from sliding doors in that they slide into the wall rather than alongside it. This style might be a pretty option for a romantically-styled bedroom.


There are other options to hide what’s in your closet, and this is where talking with someone who designs custom closets will come in handy. Designers can translate your vision into reality. Use your imagination.

  • Closets that are open much of the time would do well with pocket doors;
  • If you’re looking to add colour and texture to your room, whimsical fabric panels or curtains to hide a closet space is a super option;
  • Think about repurposing other doors. For instance, if you have access to an old barn door, it could be turned into a great showpiece closet door for in a rustic themed room.

Make Your Distinct Mark

This is your home, so everything in it should be a reflection of your personal style. Oftentimes, closet doors are simply an afterthought, however, they should be considered when planning the scheme of each room. Limiting yourself to standard closet doors may not be best for the room or reflect your personal taste.

Case in point – to harmonize closet doors with the overall décor in an Asian themed bedroom, using shoji privacy screens as closet doors would tie the whole room together. The idea is to keep the space streamlined and peaceful.

Hardware and Hinges

A hinged closet door can be given a brand new look by changing hinges, but especially getting new hardware. Changing hardware is especially important if closet doors aren’t going to be changed during a reno or décor change. This simple, relatively inexpensive change can turn your closet door into an showy element of design.

Before a Change

After you’ve decided to change the look of your closet doors, make sure to look at all the existing knobs, pulls and hinges and how they compare to other hardware like window pulls, hooks, and light and electrical outlet switch covers. That way you can make a decision as to whether you should replace everything at once, or just match your new closet hardware to what’s in the rest of the room.

Door Materials

  • Solid wood closet doors come in both softwood and hardwood, however, the most common wood used for doors is pine. Your budget should be taken into consideration if you plan on having solid wood closet doors. Remember, though, that wood expands and shrinks depending on temperatures and humidity, so if you have a closet in your bathroom, a wood door is not the best choice;
  • MDF, or medium density fiberboard, is typically what most doors are made of. It’s durable and strong;
  • Hollow core doors are usually made from plywood, and as the name implies, the panel is hollow, allowing sound and heat to pass through them easily;
  • Solid core doors are the same as their hollow cousins, only the core is filled with wood fibers,which makes them better sound barriers, and better at holding in heat and cold.

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