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10 Kitchen Colour Trends To Try This Summer

There seems to be as many paint colours on the market today as there are stars in the sky. If you’ve been mulling over what new colour would work well in your kitchen, you’re in luck in terms of trends, since it seems kitchens aren’t just for neutrals anymore.

Some colours you might not equate with a kitchen are giving eating spaces a burst of electricity resurrecting their lives in bold, new ways.

Here are some fun summer colour trends you might consider when it’s time to give your kitchen a new lease on life:

  1. Firehouse red

    It’s big, it’s bold and it’s fiery and may be just the punch of colour a bland kitchen has been begging for. Designers are not shying away from colour – even from intense, vibrant hues like all shades of red. Red is even being used for custom modern kitchen cabinets and cupboards when paired with subtle colours like white and gray. Cranberry red cabinets would also make a statement in an urban kitchen.

  2. Lovely lilac

    Purple shades like lilac give kitchens the feeling that they’re part of a magnificent estate in the country. This is a colour not equated with kitchens, yet somehow purples work their wonder here as well. Paired with gleaming white cabinets, lilac is a treat in the kitchen.

  3. Glorious green

    A natural forest green is fresh, yet has a distinctly urban feeling to it. It can go with any kind of cabinetry and hardware. It can become a statement or melt into the background. That’s the beauty of green. You can make it into anything. As a matter of fact, there are many shades of green that work in kitchens. Mint or apple green are pretty with white or wood accents. Green is not a colour equated with an eating space, but does a magical job of creating just the right ambience.

  4. Blue is definitely not blasé

    All shades of blue from a deep navy to a powdery soft hue can lend a quiet reverence to a kitchen space. Blue is known to be a relaxing colour and if that is the kind of energy someone wants in a kitchen, blue is the perfect colour choice. It can also give a kitchen an old school appeal.

  5. Baronial brown

    Browns are stately and quietly elegant, but definitely anything but boring – especially dark brown like tanned leather. Browns seldom make it into the kitchen, but should. The right shade can exude warmth and merriment – what many people would like to feel when in the kitchen.

  6. A peachy punch

    A darker shade of peach would make a kitchen feel vibrant and alive. Peach’s juicy undertones would bode well with light-coloured custom modern kitchen cabinets and darker countertops. Green accents would give the space an extra zing.

  7. Slate gray

    This deep colour in a matte finish gives a kitchen an unfathomable depth. To give the kitchen some lightness, designers are pairing deep gray with lighter custom modern kitchen cabinets in a bleached oak colour. This marriage of colours will always be in vogue. Gray can be a grounding colour and so will calm one of the busiest spaces in the home. It can also be the height of sophistication. Married to raspberry, pumpkin or yellow, it can make a very creative statement.

  8. Sunshine yellow

    There is no better colour to give your kitchen a warm glow than yellow and there are so many shades from which to choose. It can work well with all cabinet colours and countertop materials – everything from elaborate marble to casual, modern slate or concrete. Yellow also works well as a backsplash colour.

  9. White on white

    The crisp, clean, uncluttered brilliance of white on white! All white kitchens are pristine. White on white is exactly that: white walls, white cabinets, white countertops, white flooring, white accessories. White can make smaller spaces look grander. Homeowners with modern tastes would be attracted to this styling.

  10. Black isn’t bleak

    Although black is definitely not a conventional kitchen colour, it sizzles when paired with stainless steel appliances and a stainless steel backsplash and countertops. Even if one wall is painted black, it will make the rest of the kitchen jump out from hiding. Add a white breakfast bar and white hanging lights and you’ll have a modern, showy kitchen ready for a fantastic culinary experience.

The bottom line is that a kitchen colour should reflect the personal tastes of the homeowner. Colours should meld with a homeowner’s joie de vivre. When looking at colours for kitchen designers, take into consideration hues of colours as well. Then look at how colour coordinates with the rest of the space, how it reflects light, what kind of atmosphere it creates and how it marries with the rest of the home.

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