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10 Tips On How To Prepare Your Kitchen For A Renovation

You have your plan all laid out, your contractor hired and your renovation is ready to begin. Have you done all of the necessary prep work to ensure a successful renovation? Simply knowing what you want your renovation to look like and having the labour hired does not necessarily mean that your kitchen is ready to be renovated. If you are unsure about what you need to do before your renovation begins, below are 10 tips on how to prepare your kitchen to make sure the remodelling turns out perfect.

Gather supplies. You are going to need to store your existing kitchen supplies while your kitchen is being renovated. This means gathering boxes, newspaper, masking tape, packing tape, storage bags and markers to protect and house your kitchen supplies and utensils while your renovation is taking place.

Set aside everyday items. These everyday items could include your coffeemaker, tea kettle, pots, skillets, mixing bowls, can openers and anything else you need to cook and prepare food while you are waiting for your new kitchen to be ready. To make life easier while the renovation is happening, and to account for the fact that you won’t have a sink or plumbing with which to do dishes, purchase some disposable, biodegradable cups, utensils and plates to avoid messy pileups. It’s also a good idea to keep some cleaning supplies on hand.

Pack your canned and boxed foods based on category. These items could be separated into breakfast foods, canned goods, sauces, spices, baking supplies, pet foods, cooking oils and drinks. Use boxes with short sides so that you have easy access to everything you need while the kitchen is being renovated.

Set aside items for donation. Pretty much every room in your house will contain items that you don’t, or can’t use anymore. Consider setting aside these items for donation so that someone in need can get some use out of them. You should use the renovation as an opportunity to not just remake your kitchen, but also to declutter so that the new space is as organized and efficient as possible.

Pack glass and dinnerware with care. Even though these items will only be in storage for a short period of time, it is a good idea to use bubble wrap, or newspaper to guard against breakage. Mark the contents of each box that contains breakable items so that you know to handle them with care, otherwise you will need to factor in some additional cash for replacing items that get broken and damaged during the reno.

Take down blinds, curtains and rods. Place these items either in boxes, or if you are worried about damaging curtains or window treatments, hang or carefully fold and place them somewhere safe until the new kitchen is ready to be used. You can clean and dust these items beforehand so that they are ready to go when the time comes.

Cover your computer and your electronics. It is always advisable to cover any computers or sensitive electronic equipment in surrounding rooms to make sure they are protected from dust or debris that may be kicked up during the course of your kitchen renovation. If your kitchen is right off your family room, this could include the TV, stereo or any desktop computers that you have.

Protect your pets. If your pets are used to walking freely throughout the kitchen, they will not understand that an important remodelling job is in progress. Your best bet is to cordon off the area, either using a baby gate or two to make sure that the renovation isn’t compromised. More importantly this will ensure that your pets are not in any danger of stepping on loose nails, screws, tools or any of the new hardware that you plan on using in your new kitchen.

Take down pictures and wall hangings. Renovations can create movement and vibration in surrounding rooms, so it is a good idea to take down any important pieces of art or family photos/decorations that you have, especially on walls which are shared with the kitchen and other rooms.

Make sure the area is clear for contractors. Make sure that the area is free of obstructions so that contractors can get in and out as efficiently as possible. This will make sure that your reno is done on schedule and on budget and you are not charged for additional labour hours used to prepare the area.

Renovating a kitchen is exciting. As one of the most used rooms in a home, having a kitchen that you are happy in and proud of goes a long way to creating comfort and enjoyment in the home. Whether your renovation project is big or small, there are certain steps you will need to take pre-renovation to make sure that the area is clean and ready to be worked on, and that your family, pets and surrounding rooms are well-protected while your kitchen is under construction. Keep the above procedures in mind before embarking on your next kitchen renovation project.

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