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11 Accessories To Maximize Your Laundry Room

If you have a separate laundry room in your home, it’s probably one of the most used, yet most overlooked rooms in terms of decor and accessories.

Your laundry room obviously needs to be functional, but it can also be organized, and even pretty – an area in which you don’t mind spending time doing some chores.

Accessories can make or break a room and the same is true for the laundry room. Here are some things you can do and use to make your laundry room shine:

  1. Now you see them, now you don’t

    Hiding your washer and dryer instantly makes your laundry room prettier. An inexpensive way to make them “disappear” is to hang a tension rod across the front of them and get a pretty curtain to hang on the rod. This will add colour and texture to the room as well as get the appliances out of sight.

  2. Neutral is best

    Choosing a neutral colour palette for the laundry room will create a sedate, earthy feeling. Accessories can be a little brighter and bolder, but stick with natural colours for walls – gray, white and black work well together. Think about accessorizing with a chalkboard wall. Have some colourful chalk handy for family members to write little notes.

  3. Small, yet spectacular

    A small laundry space can be fun! You can create storage instantly by spray painting wooden craft crates in any colour you choose. Go to the hardware store and buy a pegboard to store small items. It will give your laundry space a very well-organized look.

  4. Snap, crackle and pops of colour

    This is one area of your home that you are more free to experiment in, with regards to decor. Get a funky stencil from your local craft store and use it on an accent wall. Install a modern, snazzy light fixture or even paint the floor. The laundry room can be a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ project. What about a bright, floral area rug? Add some decorative baskets to your custom made laundry cabinets for a definite spruce up.

  5. Use wasted space

    If you have custom made laundry cabinets on two sides of your wall and a large gap in between, adding some shelving can give you extra storage space. Stackable machines are perfect for tighter, vertical spaces. You can use that space above your custom made laundry cabinets to add some decorative baskets. Plants can do well up there too and can improve air quality in your laundry space.

  6. Unique folding and storage areas

    Creativity really comes in handy in the laundry room. If you prop your washer and dryer onto a revamped wooden palette, you will have room for storage underneath. If there is no area to fold clothes, start looking around in thrift stores. You can cut an old table in half, paint it and affix it to the wall and voila! – a perfect folding station. Try hanging an old, wooden ladder from the ceiling to make a perfect drying rack.

  7. Special laundry wall

    Think wire shelving. It’s resilient, waterproof and inexpensive. You could use one shelf entirely for drying delicates. Add some boxes to hold smaller supplies like clothespins or wipes. Clothes can hang on a tension rod affixed from one side to the other and with the ironing board and iron nearby, you’re all set.

  8. Handy stain chart

    When you’ve got some clothes that are stained, having a chart closeby to know how to deal with them is a great addition to a laundry room. Before the stain sets permanently, just refer to the chart to see how to best get rid of it. There is no way you can memorize all the different kinds of stains – oil, grass, lipstick, ink, etc. Print a stain chart from off the internet, have it laminated and hang it wherever you can easily refer to it.

  9. Built-in hampers

    When talking to an expert about installing custom made laundry cabinets, ask about built-in laundry hampers. They can be a part of the cabinet system and will keep dirty clothes out of the way. Having a hamper insert that’s removable makes it easier to take your clothes to the washer.

  10. Think sink

    If your budget and space allows, add a bigger laundry tub to your laundry room. The room will look chic and modern with a stainless steel basin and a modern, sleek faucet.

  11. Benched

    If you have the room, a comfy bench that also doubles as a storage unit, would be a welcome addition to any laundry room. Create a little seating area and add some colourful art, a vase full of fresh flowers and an area rug.

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