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18 Laundry Storage And Organization Ideas

The laundry room can be more than a place where piles of clothes gather.

In an effort to utilize every bit of space in your home in the most effective way, a laundry area could also double as a perfect storage spot.

Here are some tips to not only keep your laundry room spic and span, but to give it some extra muscle in terms of storage:

  1. Storage on a tilt

    The space above your washer and dryer is the perfect spot for the addition of storage racks installed on a slight tilt so you can see what’s in the storage bins. You’ll also be able to hang items underneath the racks that you don’t want to throw in the dryer.

  2. Separate the machines

    Leaving a space between the washer and dryer makes the perfect hidden spot for a laundry caddy. Not only is it out of the way, but it will hold all the things you may need in addition to the obvious soap and softener – things like cleaning cloths and household cleaners.

  3. Personalize it

    Family members are more apt to use laundry hampers or bags if their holders are personalized. Consider adding hooks on one wall for everyone’s dirty clothes bag. Better in the bag than on the floor.

  4. Folding drying rack

    This would be a terrific little project for the handyperson around the house. A drying rack that is fastened to the wall and can be folded up when not used is a handy feature and could also save energy. Some things would do better drying naturally.

  5. A built-in for your board

    Who wants an unsightly ironing board just hanging around when not being used? Having a built-in cabinet to store it, your iron and any other ironing supplies you may need is the perfect solution to keeping things uncluttered.

  6. Using door space

    A rack that hangs from a door could be used for things like paper towels, dryer sheets, rags, detergent and other items that don’t need too much space.

  7. Cover it up

    You can add a little style to the area by creating little “curtains” from pretty fabric that can camouflage unsightly laundry room hoses.

  8. Fancy hooks

    If you don’t have space for a built-in ironing board, installing some pretty hooks that match the rest of the room – perhaps some retro-looking hooks – will let you fold up your ironing board and keep it from taking up valuable space.

  9. Paint or paper

    As with other areas of the house, a laundry room doesn’t need to be boring and without style. Pretty up a wall or two with wallpaper or paint – something to cheer the surroundings when you’re doing chores in the room!

  10. Keep that crib spring

    Your child has outgrown his or her crib, but you can put the crib spring to excellent use in the laundry room. The spring can be fastened to the ceiling and is just the thing for hangers your clothes are drying on.

  11. Hanging baskets

    Laundry baskets don’t need to loiter on your floor space. Use mount brackets to affix them to a wall. It’s much neater and cleaner and even easier having them at eye level than having to bend down to get clothes out of them.

  12. Get off the floor

    Your washer and dryer don’t need to be right on the floor. By having a pedestal made to raise them up, you can have more storage space underneath. With space at a premium these days, use it where you can get it.

  13. Chalkboards for checklists

    Turning a couple cupboard doors into blackboards with some chalk paint is a neat idea for creating notes and grocery lists and doling out chores to family members.

  14. Hide built-ins

    If your washer and dryer are built in but you can still see the front of them, getting or making some pretty curtains to hide them will dress up the space. Even your laundry room deserves a little ambience.

  15. Indoor vent

    A dryer vent box will recycle all that warm air from your dryer and keep your laundry room smelling clean and fresh.

  16. Keeping the heat

    By having a dryer heat keeper installed, you’ll be letting all that warm dryer air stay in the house during colder months. Another plus is that it collects lint, too.

  17. Wall-mounted lint holder

    Get a fancy little basket you can attach to the wall right beside the dryer to get rid of dryer lint. You could even attach a sticker to the front of it that says “lint.”

  18. Peg board

    The laundry room doesn’t have to be just about laundry. A peg board, which can be bought at any hardware store, would be ideal for hanging garden tools or cleaning items like brooms, mops, etc.

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