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5 Luxury Upgrades To Make To Your Closet

Your closet is one of the most important parts of your bedroom. Most people, having lived in small spaces for most of their lives, dream of one day having a bedroom with significant room for a walk-in closet, complete with storage space for all of their great clothes, shoes and fashion accessories. We’ve all seen photos in magazines or on TV of gorgeous, luxurious closets that we are envious of. Below are five luxury upgrades to make your closet.

Consider your personal style.Whether you want something sleek and modern or dark and rustic, there are many great style options for closet design out there. Make sure to inject some of your personality into whatever you choose, so that it truly reflects your sense of style and fits with the rest of your room.

Find some inspiration.Find something, or someone, that reflects your own taste and style and build off of that. There are many magazine spreads out there featuring luxurious walk-in closet ideas from glamorous stars such as Audrey Hepburn to take inspiration from.

Invest in closet drawer organizers.Having custom-made drawers in your closet is the best way to keep your small items and valuables, especially jewelry, organized. You can get drawer organizers custom-built, or stand-alone, in a wide range of style, wood and finishing options to suit your closet’s theme.

Add a mirror and a plush chair.Having an area in your closet that is specifically for getting ready and is comfortable and plush adds a great deal of flair and luxury to your closet. With a few carefully arranged pieces, you can turn your closet into a boutique-like dressing area that will make you feel like you are heading out for a night on the town, no matter what you are doing.

Display your shoes.Whether you have a shoe store worth of shoes in your closet, or a few tried and true pairs, finding a classy shoe display not only helps keep your shoes in great shape, but also adds to the sense of organization and display value that most luxury closets attempt to create.

Colour coordinate.Again, coming back to organization, the most luxurious closets are always ones that are well organized. This means arranging your clothes from light to dark, colour by colour. Colour coordinating adds a tremendous amount of visual appeal, especially if you like to wear a lot of different colours. There are beautiful hanging racks on the market, with built-in separators that look great in any closet.

Your closet should be your sanctuary within your sanctuary. It should be well organized, colour-coordinated, comfortable, well lit and have plenty of space to move around in, try things on and get ready to go out. If you are thinking about a closet makeover or are planning a new closet for a new space, keep the above design tips in mind and create a luxury closet you will enjoy walking into time and time again.

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