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Why IKEA Cabinetry Will End Up Costing You More Than Custom

IKEA cabinets, while certainly great if you are willing to sacrifice on customization, do come with some very significant financial cons. Sure, they are generally cheaper to buy outright than custom cabinetry, but there are some hidden costs associated with installing IKEA cabinetry that can quickly add up, and even come out to more than what it would cost to simply have custom cabinets installed by a professional. If you are weighing your options when deciding how to go about choosing cabinetry for your kitchen, keep the below information in mind. It might just save you time, money and a lot of hassle.

If you are not planning on doing the installation work yourself, you will need to rely on whatever local company IKEA decides to hire to do the work for you. This means that IKEA does all of the vetting work, the checking with the Better Business Bureau and investigating to see if the company being hired is reputable. Having a company with a poor reputation do the installation work can end up costing you money if the job is done poorly. What you thought was money you were saving upfront by purchasing cheaper IKEA cabinets, can end up being cheaper cabinets installed twice when you have to hire someone else to do the job properly, a second time.

Many people hire contractors to install IKEA cabinetry for them, and while the cost of the cabinetry is often less than what you would pay for custom cabinetry, many contractors complain that IKEA products are notoriously difficult to put together. Considering that most contractors bill you by the hour, this means that any money you thought you were saving on the product, you could end up losing on labour costs. Custom cabinetry that costs more to purchase, but less to install might end up being a better financial decision for you, as contractors and skilled labour are not cheap.

So, while IKEA cabinetry can seem like a prudent financial decision at the beginning of your project, you should keep in mind the fact that you will be relying on IKEA’s judgment when selecting a contractor if you don’t already have your own lined up. And, you will also be hoping that whoever ends up installing the cabinetry for you — if you don’t plan on doing it yourself — is able to do it for less dollars per hour than it would cost with other custom cabinetry options.

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