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11 Tips For A Perfect Mudroom

There is much more to a mudroom than its literal name implies.

A mudroom is most often a back entry to your home that houses everything from shoes and boots to coats and other cold weather gear. It can also double as a laundry/utility room.

Keeping it clean!

Mudrooms are almost certainly found in new homes built today, but sadly many older homes don’t have the luxury of this little nook tucked away from most guests. But it’s a space that’s incredibly welcome since it basically saves the rest of your home from all the potential dirt and snow and any other nasties that might be tracked in that you would rather see left outside. So, what it really does is keep the rest of your living space clean and uncluttered – not that a mudroom is a place for clutter.

Here are some elements that will keep your mudroom working as efficiently as possible:

  1. Hooks, hooks and more hooks

    Everything should have a place in a mudroom, and that’s where hooks may be your best friend. Instead of being thrown on the floor or flung in behind boots and shoes, hats, scarves and even umbrellas could be hung on hooks, giving your mudroom a great organizational feel. You might even consider installing hooks in rows to utilize wall space.

  2. Hide them in a closet

    If the mudroom is large enough to have a closet, that’s even better! Since this room is already a closet of sorts, a closet within a closet is a novel idea! As with other closets in your home, a mudroom closet can be used to store out-of-season items, sports gear, and cleaning items and perhaps even double as a pantry.

  3. Storage bench

    Not only do benches provide seating while removing footwear and winter clothes, they can also be used as storage. Benches with flip-top seats are not only attractive in a mudroom, but add versatility!

  4. A designated place for every family member

    If you have the luxury of a more spacious mudroom, installing a locker or a cubicle for everyone in the house would be helpful to keep everyone’s things separate so no items get lost in the shuffle.

  5. An easy-to-clean floor

    The best kind of flooring in a mudroom is obviously one that’s easy to keep clean. Ceramic tile or linoleum are good choices. An underfloor heating system would be a most welcome addition in the cold winter months.

  6. Washer and dryer

    Since a mudroom is usually at the back of the house and often out of earshot of other activities, putting your washer and dryer here makes sense. You won’t have to listen to your clothes on the spin cycle!

  7. A sink

    With a washer and dryer comes a sink. But even if your laundry facilities aren’t in your mudroom, having a sink in the area would make it easier to wash dirty little hands and feet before they bring dirt or snow into the rest of the house. This is a great place to clean off the paws of the family pooch as well.

  8. Overhead compartments

    Even though you have a mudroom that is working as efficiently as a well-oiled machine, there’s always a chance you’ll find some stray items hanging around – a mitten without a mate, a sock that has lost its soulmate. That’s where overhead storage comes in handy. These things don’t need to be accessed daily, but when the partner of that stray mitten shows up, you’ll know exactly where to look for its other half.

  9. A niche for Fido or Fluffy

    Can’t leave out the family pet(s) when configuring the space for a mudroom. Just as any other family members, pets could have items housed in their own mudroom cubicles. Keeping food and toys in one area makes an easy go-to when Fido wants to play with his favourite ball. It could also be where pets get their meals. And if the door opens to a fenced backyard, an addition of a doggie door might make sense for your canine friend.

  10. Functional, but fashionable

    A mudroom doesn’t have to be a bland space. You could add some panache with a brightly coloured wall or the addition of plants.

  11. A place to wipe

    Probably that the first thing everyone wants to do when coming into the mudroom is to wipe their feet. For that the room needs a good rug right in front of the door and an area rug further in. Rugs can also add a splash of colour to the room.

If you have a say in the design of your mudroom, make sure to take into consideration each family member, especially children. For them you’ll have to keep things like height of hooks in mind. A mudroom can be just as stylish as the rest of your living space. Your imagination is the key!

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