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Renovating: Why You Should Hire A Professional

You’ve finally decided to undertake that renovation project that has been on your to-do list for the last couple of years. You have the financing in place, you have a plan you are ready to execute, but you are still unsure about whether or not it makes more sense to take the work on yourself or to outsource it to a trusted professional. If you are weighing your options before starting your renovation and need some convincing as to why professional help may be your best option, below are some of the reasons to hire a trusted home remodeler/renovator for your upcoming project.

According to the 2011 American Housing Survey, more than 60 per cent of homeowners hire professional help with renovation projects. Here’s why:

Unfamiliar with tools and techniques. If you are unfamiliar with the common tools and techniques used for your particular renovation project, especially if the project requires the use of heavy-duty tools and potentially dangerous construction and installation techniques, it might be a good idea to trust an experienced professional. Trying to take on work yourself that you have no previous experience with and using tools that you don’t know how to safely operate could end in disaster. You could end up with an injury or a finished product that needs to be removed and redone, costing you pain, time and money.

Costs. If you are planning on carrying out your renovation by yourself, you need to be aware of all the costs. This means understanding that the total cost is more than just the cost of the materials and appliances. It’s also the cost of the tools and equipment required to properly carry out the renovation. These tools, whether they are sanders, saws, heavy duty wrenches, hammers, etc., are not cheap. You might find out that buying your own tools, as well as doing your own reno work, costs more than simply hiring a professional with all of the necessary equipment already at their disposal.

Protection from mishaps. Most good, professional contractors have insurance in place in the event that a client has problems with their work and the work either needs to be redone or things need to be repaired. Taking on renovation work by yourself gives you no recourse if the job ends up being improperly executed and requires rework. You could end up out of pocket for two renovations if you start something you have no prior experience with. A professional guarantees their work, providing you with legal recourse in the event that the work is incorrectly done. If you are uncertain about how the work will turn out, it’s best to call in the professionals so that, in the event that there are problems, you are not double-paying for your project.

Specialty work. Wiring, roofing, insulation and plumbing is all work that requires specialized knowledge. The potential for catastrophic damage with incorrectly installed roofs, electrical, insulation and plumbing means that it’s best to trust these tasks to people whose business is dedicated solely to the perfection of these trades.

Warranties. Many new appliances, cabinetry, flooring, etc. comes with warranties from the manufacturer that are only guaranteed if the materials or equipment are installed by a certified and reputable professional. Incorrectly installing something can end up damaging it, rendering it either useless or unsafe. If you did the work yourself, you might not have any recourse from the manufacturer if it ends up not functioning properly, breaks or stops working soon after the renovation is complete.

Efficiency. Even if you are completely capable of completing a renovation project on your own it might end up taking you a lot longer than you anticipated. While it might save you money, what might take a contractor one week to complete, could end up taking you three or four as you feel your way through a process that you are unfamiliar with. Putting your kitchen or bathroom out of commission for an entire month when it could potentially only need to be out of service for one week with the help of a professional contractor, especially if you have a family, might be too much of a hassle to deal with.

Commitment to quality. A professional contractor’s reputation is their livelihood. There are a staggering number of contractors out there in competition with each other; doing better, more reliable work than the next person is how contractors make money and stay in business. Often times, people start renovation projects with high hopes and excitement, only to realize halfway through that it’s consuming their life and they would rather cut a few corners to get it over and done with. The end result with this kind of attitude could be something that a homeowner is really disappointed with and they may also be disappointed in themselves for allowing it to happen. With a reputable professional you can rest assured that you are paying for work that is going to be done to the best of the contractor’s ability and to their full potential.

If you are thinking about your next renovation project and are trying to decide whether to go it alone or hire professional help, the above benefits of using a professional contractor might be all the convincing you need to go with a trusted expert.

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