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Storage Ideas For All The Cabinets In Your Home

There is one thing it seems homeowners can never have enough of and that’s storage. Designers and builders create custom cabinets for various rooms and storage cabinets are bought, but utilizing these spaces in the best ways possible sometimes takes some creative thinking.

If you’re not in the position to add more storage cabinets to your space, increasing their efficiency is the way to go! You can do that with bathroom cabinets, kitchen cupboards, sideboards, wardrobes, media areas, china cabinets and the like.

Here are some great storage hacks to help you maximize your cabinets for storage:

Use your entranceway

Instead of leaving the entrance into your home without storage possibility, you can add a storage cabinet or a custom cabinet and still have the area seem spacious. This might be the perfect spot for a bench that doubles as a storage cabinet. Not only will this give guests a place to sit to remove their shoes, when the lid of the bench is lifted you’ll also have room to store all kinds of things, like winter gear, toys, pet items or any other things that need their own space.

Increase capacity

Buying inserts you can add to cabinets will definitely allow you to store more items in them. Think about adding some plate racks, dividers for drawers and shelf risers. Think not only horizontally, but also vertically – like adding some vertical baking sheet cubbies inside cabinets. Lazy Susans might also help with the space factor.

Use tops of cabinets

Consider placing the items you don’t use as often on top of storage cabinets rather than inside them. There is a lot of space up above that you may not be using to your best advantage.

Consider all surfaces

All the surfaces of your storage cabinets should be used, including the sides. Could all that space be used for installing a hanger to hang utensils? What about for hanging dishcloths or small storage baskets? Make supplies easily accessible.

Remember unused space inside too

You can create more storage space in cabinets with a DIY project. Affix some hooks on the back of cabinet doors or put up a pegboard. Now you have added storage both on the inside and on the outside.


Exterior open shelves added to existing storage cabinets would be the perfect home for plants, dishes or decorative objects. Shelves increase the storage area and can add some whimsy to a more conservative storage cabinet. Have the space reflect your personal style.


Have an honest look at the storage space in your storage cabinets and ask yourself if your belongings are being stored properly and in the right spot. Maybe changing things around – moving items from one storage area to another will free up more space.

Divide to conquer

Sometimes you have to divide space to get more space. For upper cabinets, take the shelf that’s already there and add a stacking, freestanding shelf on top of it. Now, you have two shelves instead of one. Items are easier to get to if they’re not stored in a one tall pile. For lower cabinets, add gliding drawers mounted to the manufactured shelf. Doing this will give your storage space a more organized look and bring much used items to the front with ease.

Under the stairs

If you’re lucky enough to have custom cabinets or room underneath your staircase, there’s a way to get more use of that space. That often taken-for-granted space under the stairs can be turned into something fabulous. This would be the perfect spot for the addition of shelves for a mini library. Store all your books and magazines out of the way in an organized, easily accessible fashion. Keep the space open for a very eclectic look! You could also use this area for a mini wine cellar, pantry, or an entertainment nook.

Uncover potential storage cabinets

When you’re looking for extra storage, especially in the bathroom, look to the gap located between studs. Lots of storage can be uncovered in this area. Shelves could be installed here and used for smaller items like towels, hand cloths and extra toiletries.

A most clever kitchen

Maximizing space in kitchen storage cabinets is one of the easiest and most fun things to do. There are so many things available today to make the most use of space. Those custom cabinets in your kitchen can play host to many things that need organizing. For instance, an over-the-cabinet-door towel hanger will keep your oven mitts, towels or pot holders easily reachable or storing spices in an under the cabinet spice rack will keep spices out of the way, yet quickly accessible. A grocery bag dispenser could be installed inside a cabinet door or under shelving, making storing bags practical and clever.

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