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17 Creative Shoe Storage Tips

If you’re like most people today, especially women, you have more shoes than places to store them.

Viewers of the old TV show Sex and the City can sympathize with character Carrie Bradshaw’s predicament of trying to find an apartment with enough storage space to accommodate her binge shoe shopping escapades. When the realtor suggests that she hang a shoe rack on the back of the closet door, her cringe says it all.

Even if space is a premium in your home or apartment you can indeed utilize the back of doors for shoe storage. There are some pretty attractive ways to do that. But there are also a host of other ways to create storage for shoes in addition to purchasing extra storage cabinets.

Here are some innovative ways of giving your shoes and other footwear an attractive place to be stored:

  1. Shoe organizers

    There are many of these on the market today in both vertical and horizontal fashions. Shoes can be stacked side by side, on top of each other or both.

  2. Hanging bag

    A hanging shoe bag should be wide enough to house shoes next to each other. They’re like cloth storage cabinets. They come in all sizes and most can store a minimum of 10 pairs of shoes.

  3. Books to shoes

    A book case, especially one with individual nooks, isn’t just for books anymore. An open case can be just dandy for shoe storage.

  4. A ladder solution

    A ladder shoe shelf will keep your shoes off the floor, which is a practical idea. Throwing shoes into a pile on the floor will make it nightmarish to find pairs when you’re in a hurry.

  5. Categorize

    Sort shoes into groups — running shoes, boots, sandals, flip flops, dress shoes, etc. Put them into piles of those you wear often and the ones you wear less often. Pairs you don’t wear a lot can be stored higher up.

  6. Clear cut

    Plastic boxes you can see inside bode well for housing shoes. It’s easier to find things when you can see them. If you want to use boxes you already have that you can’t see inside, affixing a photo of the shoes contained within will help when you’re looking for a specific pair.

  7. Hangers for sandals

    When the warm weather is here and you want to easily access sandals, you can create holders for them using wire hangers. Cut the bottom part off the hangers and use pliers to curl the ends into hooks on which you can hang sandals, flats or flip flops.

  8. Show off ledges

    Some shoes are just too pretty to be hidden away — so pretty in fact, that they can become wearable art. Wall shelves can be used to show off great shoe finds. It’ll be a great conversation starter as well.

  9. Lazy Susan

    This popular kitchen accessory can be turned into a shoe rack easily. All shoes will be quickly seen as you turn the holder. Shoes all get a chance to be up front.

  10. Crowning glory

    Crown molding lengths can be installed on available wall space to hang shoes, especially heels. Flats can hang there well if you add drawer pulls. Paint the moulding to match with your decor.

  11. Different shelf heights

    By adjusting shelf spacing, you’ll be able to maximize the space you do have. The space should reflect the height of your footwear. You can adjust the height in most storage cabinets as well.

  12. Hidden by a bedskirt

    You can even hang clear shoe storage bags under your bedskirt. Your footwear is out of sight but you can get to it quickly and see it without a problem.

  13. Ottoman

    There are many ottoman styles that offer storage as well. Using one of these for footwear might suit your needs.

  14. Pallet power

    You can usually pick up wooden pallets free from many companies who have no use for them. They can be painted, stained and turned upright to provide ledges in which shoes can be wedged. This would be a great idea for running shoes and flats and would look great in kids’ rooms.

  15. DIY PVC pipe rack

    PVC pipe can easily be purchased. Cut it into pieces wide enough to accommodate a pair of shoes and affix them on top and beside each other on a wall. This has a very modern feel.

  16. The locker look

    If you can find some old school lockers, they would give a kid’s room a great look and the perfect place for shoes and other things like toys to be hidden away.

  17. Bucket list

    Large buckets or pails come in all kinds of bright colours. Not only are they a great hiding spot for shoes, but can give a room an uplifting, carefree feeling.

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