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Custom Closet & Cabinets

A closet isn’t just a space in your home to hold your storage. A closet can be where you escape, to transform yourself with clothes, or it can be a place that holds valuable memories. Lancaster Customs can help transform what used to be drab and lifeless storage rooms into luxurious, unique custom closets. They will make sure your closets are stylish and functional. No space will be wasted or unused.

Front Entry Wardrobe
Front Entry Wardrobe

Lancaster Customs will help you with your custom closet design, and will work with you until it’s perfect. From the custom closet shelving to custom closet solutions for organization, Lancaster Customs makes sure every detail is looked over. Not only can the insides be designed by the custom closet makers but the outsides can too. From custom doors and door frames to the handles and how they open, we will make sure that you’re happy and satisfied with every part of your custom closet design. There won’t be any part of the creation that won’t be thoroughly gone over until you and the designers are happy.

Whether you are looking for a modern, traditional or even a more vintage look, Lancaster Customs can create and design it for you. Lancaster Customs can create custom closet organizers that roll open for easy access or are specially created spaces for unique items. Your collectables or fancy, extravagant, Sunday hats can be stored comfortably and be safely and easily accessed through your own unique designs. Custom closet cabinets can also be created for small or large items such as watches, jewellery, washcloths and even baseball hats. No space is too small for Lancaster Customs to create and customize to your needs.

Even if all you want is some customized shelving to make room for a new wardrobe, Lancaster Customs can make that happen too. With Lancaster Customs specialized accessories and products they can make specialized shelves that hold shoes, sport coats or even wine glasses. Whatever it is you want to put in your custom closets, Lancaster Customs can make it happen for you. With their specialized customer service you will be confident and comfortable with the entire creative design process. No questions will be left unanswered and no idea will be set aside until your dream closets are planned out and are ready to be build.

Mud Room Bench
Mud Room Bench

Lancaster Customs can help you bring your favourite storage and closet ideas from movies, tv shows, comic books and even your imagination into your reality. All it takes is an idea and a conversation with one of Lancaster Customs’ expert consultants to get you the closet of your dreams. You can even customize the types of closets that you want put into your home from walk-in closets, reach-in closets, a dressing room or even linen closets. The possibilities are endless. No job is too big or too small for Lancaster Customs’ design and manufacturing team to accomplish with professionalism and extraordinary skills.



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