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Custom Dressing Room Closets & Cabinets

Walking into a beautiful stylish custom dressing room with custom bedroom cabinets and the perfect added little touches isn’t something that has to stay in your dreams. Lancaster Customs can create it in your reality.

Lancaster Customs can create a dressing room you won’t want to leave. We can build a dress cabinet design that will make you envious of your clothes that get to be in the room. From a middle island in the middle for all of your small items such as watches, jewellery, ties, pocket squares, scarves, socks, even to a wall of shoes, Lancaster Customs can make it happen.

Dressing Room4

We can even make custom dressing room closets within your dressing room. If you have always dreamt and envisioned having a dressing room with a closet for special occasions or a special locked closet for the really expensive clothes and accessories, Lancaster can create it. With all of the different organizers and systems that Lancaster Customs has and can design the possibilities are endless for your dream dressing room.

If you have always dreamt of being able to walk-into a room filled with clothes and shoes and a perfect sitting spot in the middle and a big wall-length mirror, we can make that dream into a reality easier than you think. All you need to do is start the process moving and make the consultation. Then all you have to do is work with our industry leading designers to map out your dressing room closets and pick out the finishes and styles of your dressing room cabinets to start creating the dream getaway in your very own home.

Dressing Room Cabinetry

Lancaster Customs can customize everything from the handles on the drawers to the type of wood and finishes used. Lancaster Customs can even make your entire dressing room open concept and not have any doors at all, making everything easily accessible and yet still organized. We can even transform your dressing room into something you never thought possible. If you have ever wanted a dressing room that has a runway with a mirror at the end so you can model your clothes before you leave the house, we can build that into your dressing room closet.

Dressing Room
Dressing Room

Lancaster Customs is here to create the perfect functional and stylish space for you to love and enjoy for the rest of your life. Satisfaction and happiness won’t just be for the end product. At Lancaster Customs we strive to make the entire process one that you will love and will want to do again for all of your closet and storage needs. Not only do we pride ourselves in making our products high quality and an industry leader but we also take pride in knowing we have the best customer service in the industry as well. You won’t be just another closet or custom dressing room to Lancaster Customs, you will be another member of the Lancaster Customs family.



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