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Custom Reach In Closets

If you are a person who doesn’t like anything closed off and wants a full open concept home, Lancaster Customs is for you. Reach-in closets can be organized and made to look as clean and stylish as a closed-in closet. If you would prefer doors on your closets but still want the organization style of a reach-in closet, Lancaster Customs can make that for you too.

Floor Mounted Closet

Custom reach-in closets don’t need a lot of room but can create a lot of space. There are many reach-in closet solutions at Lancaster Customs that we can use to create the perfect space for you. If you want your closet to be filled with reach-in closet organizers and have a specific spot for each one of your watches or kitchen utensils Lancaster Customs can have it made for you. No matter what your custom reach-in closet ideas are Lancaster Customs can make it a reality.

If you want your closet split into his and hers or if you just want to add some style to a room we can make reach-in closet designs to fit your every need and want. If you want a space in your closet for the perfect photo or an inspirational quote framed perfectly to match the style of your closet we can make sure everything works around it. If you want secure drawers for valuables within the other drawers and sections, Lancaster Customs can use our reach-in closet systems to create it for you.

You don’t have to settle for a sliding door that always gets stuck and dealing with having to fumble with only one type of storage in your closet. Lancaster Customs is here to help you make life easier with some flair and style added in. Adding a brand new custom made reach-in closet can change the entire feel of your room. Waking up in a room that feels luxurious and extravagant can be a wonderful feeling first thing in the morning. So can walking down to your new kitchen and opening your pantry doors to a beautifully organized reach-in closet and finding your coffee and your favourite mug right away with ease.

Front Hall Closet
Front Hall Closet

Lancaster Customs has your style and your home’s function in mind while they sit down with you and design the perfect settings for you. You will be a part of the process the entire time as you design your custom reach-in closets and our professional designers will be able to suggest things you never knew were possible outside of a dream.

Award winning quality and customer service is what Lancaster Customs is here to provide. While we create the perfect living atmosphere for you, Lancaster Customs tries to make it as stress free and painless as possible. Even the installation of your custom reach-in closet will be a stress free experience with our professional industry leaders. We will make sure all of your questions are answered and you are comfortable, satisfied and confident with the work you are receiving from Lancaster Customs and our entire team of designers, builders and installers.



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