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Custom-Designed Walk-In Closets

One of the many designs that Lancaster Customs can create for you is a walk-in closet. Even with a small space to utilize, Lancaster Customs can create a walk-in that fits all of your needs.

What makes walk-in closets so special is their versatility. They can be built and designed to be long or wide depending on the space you have to work with. They can also be open concept closets with no drawers or doors and only have shelving and rods to hang clothing on. Or you can have your walk-in be partially closed off with drawers and custom walk-in cabinets. We will strive to transform your vision into a reality. Lancaster Customs has many different walk-in closet systems that they can customize and design to your specific needs.

Magic Hang Closet Organizer
Magic Hang Closet Organizer

And the great news is that walk-in closets aren’t just for bedrooms. You can have a custom walk-in closet design for a pantry in your kitchen or even for your tools in the garage. Whatever the purpose of your custom walk-in, Lancaster Customs can create the perfect atmosphere. From hooks to hanging belts to crown moulding, Lancaster Customs has everything to make your custom walk-in closet look like something pulled straight from a magazine.

Whether you’re looking for luxury and comfort, rustic and old fashioned or simple and modern, Lancaster Customs can create it for you. Function and style is a big part of Lancaster Customs and we’ll make sure that your walk-in closet has been utilized to its full potential. Lancaster Customs will make sure that your walk-in closet fits all of your needs and desires. Your beautiful wardrobe or shiny new tools can be stored safely and securely with style. You won’t ever have to worry about losing another wrench or spending hours looking for the perfect dress. Lancaster Customs will build the perfect space for all of your valuables so all you have to do is walk-in and get what you need. No space will be wasted, every inch will be utilized with style and function in mind.

Bedroom Walk In Closet
Bedroom Walk In Closet

Have you ever dreamt of walking into a beautiful wine cellar or pantry? Lancaster Customs can help you recreate it in your home. With custom inserts Lancaster Customs can create the ultimate walk-in pantry. One side with shelving, drawers and even storage for cleaning supplies and the other side is for when you need to unwind with a wall of wine with unique and stylish wine bottle holders and a couple of drawers for all the accessories such as wine corks and glasses.

Our award winning custom cabinet makers will walk you through the process with ease. Our specialized customer service plan works with you and our closet designers to create not only a great product but a wonderful experience. Creating a dream space in your home is something we take very seriously and at Lancaster Customs the customer always comes first.



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