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Custom Garage Flooring

Cold grey concrete and plastic mats aren’t your only option for garage flooring. You can have beautiful bold tile flooring or you can have a sealed varnished floor with a design painted on it. Lancaster Customs can help make your whole garage into an inviting place. You wouldn’t want your custom garage storage cabinets to look off from your garage flooring.


We can help create garage floor cabinets that work with your new flooring. They can contrast each other and make a big impact or they can even be the same colour and flow into one another. Lancaster Customs can take your style and tastes into account when designing your garage to make it the perfect fit.

Whether you are using grease and oil and want everything to be protected, including your custom metal garage cabinets, or you just want custom garage cabinets to match the look you are going for, Lancaster Customs can create it.

If you are going to be painting and making a big mess in your garage, you are going to want surfaces that clean easily. Your garage cabinets and flooring can be made to have an easy cleanup while looking good at the same time. You aren’t stuck with just the traditional styles for your garage, you can make it unique. The designers at Lancaster Customs will make sure that your garage cabinet systems work for your needs and are utilized to their full potential.

For those of you who are working with pottery, glass or clay, you are going to want a garage floor that can take the impact and possibly save your items from completely smashing. Your garage cabinets and flooring can match your artistic style and still help to organize and store all of your materials and tools while being as protective as possible.

Garage Flooring
Garage Flooring

If it’s a car or motorcycle you are working on, the flooring can be a big decision. You don’t want it to be eaten away if oil spills and you want to make sure it won’t damage your tools and parts if they fall or are put on the floor. Lancaster Customs can make sure that you have the perfect custom garage cabinet to fit all the tools and the perfect garage flooring to protect them too.

You could even turn the garage into a hangout spot where you escape the world. In this case, you might want soft comfortable flooring to go with the couches and TV. Or you might want some nice waterproofed hardwood flooring to go with your pool or foosball table. Whatever you want in your dream cave, we can make it a reality. From custom cabinets to hold pool cues to a custom shelving system for video game systems, the designers at Lancaster Customs can create the perfect spot for you to relax. The floor will be one of the things that the designers at Lancaster Customs will go over with you. With all of your dreams, every detail will be looked after, including colour, function and even texture. No detail will be missed.



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