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Slatwall Storage Shelves & Brackets

If you have always dreamt of walking into your garage and seeing walls of shelving and cubbies for all of your tools, nuts, bolts and anything else you could dream of putting in there, then Lancaster Customs is for you. Slatwall panels can help bring this dream to reality.


No tool, pencil or rubber seal will be left out of the design. The versatility of slatwall shelves and brackets is you can move them around and organize them however you want. If you want a wall of nails, nuts, bolts, stoppers, and grommets and another wall for your hammers, screwdrivers, socket wrenches and all of your bits, then all you need is slatwall storage. Lancaster Customs can make the design unique and specific to your needs. If you want a mix of custom storage cabinets and slatwall garage storage, then we can make sure every bit of space is utilized to its full potential.

Slatwall garage storage isn’t just for tools; it can also be for art supplies. You can transform your garage into an art studio using the slatwall shelf brackets and cabinets for paint brushes, paint, charcoal, watercolour paints or even sculpting and moulding materials. There can even be a spot to put your easel and drawing table away with custom cabinets or a bench.


If music is your thing, and your garage has been turned into a practice space, then you will need storage for guitars, cords, microphones, drums and even a keyboard or two. Whatever instrument you have, Lancaster Customs can create slatwall shelves and brackets to fit them. Our designers can make sure everything will be safe and secure and even work with you to make the garage a little more acoustically pleasing for when you are rocking out.

Slatwall cabinets can even hold paintball and airsoft equipment so they are ready and easily accessible for you to run out onto the battlefield. Our slatwall garage storage system can be made to hold your guns, helmet, eye gear, padding, boots and anything else you will be bringing to the field with you.

Garage Slatwall
Garage Slatwall

If biking and ATVs are your thing, they can be taken care of too. Slatwall brackets can be made to hold up your bike collection and Lancaster Customs can build shelving units that will hold your helmets and tools to fix and upgrade your bikes and even a spot to put your ATV.

You won’t want to miss opening day for hunting and fishing season. The designers at Lancaster Customs can make sure everything you need is ready to go. Slatwall can be installed for your hunting gear and even a locked cabinet for your guns can be made. Your fishing rods, nets and bait can all have a special spot in your garage. All you will have to do is pack it all in the truck and make sure to pack a lunch and you are ready to go out.

Slatwall Accessories
Slatwall Accessories

Whatever your garage holds, Lancaster Customs can create the perfect atmosphere and storage solutions, so you won’t have to waste time looking for what you need and you can just go do what you want to do.



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