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Custom Wall Storage Cabinets

A garage can be filled with your most valuable pieces, garbage you can’t seem to get rid of and it can also be an escape filled with tools, workbenches and projects. Whatever it is that your garage holds, no matter how much you organize it, it always seems like it’s still a big pile of unorganized chaos. The experts at Lancaster Customs can help you tame the chaos with their storage cabinets.

Kitchen Wall Unit
Kitchen Wall Unit

Whether it’s to work on your car, an escape to woodwork or just a room to hold your things, there are many ways to organize and set up your garage. Custom wall cabinets can be made to hold all of your car fluids, such as oil and antifreeze, or it can hold your varnishes and wood treatments. Small storage cabinets can be made for nuts, bolts and all of your little fiddly pieces; that way they can be organized and separated easily. If it is a tall storage cabinet that you need, Lancaster Customs can design that for you too. The tall storage can hold tools, gardening equipment and even some sports equipment such as hockey sticks or snowboards.

If you are going to be doing a lot of work in your garage you are going to want the right materials so your cabinets don’t get damaged. Lancaster Customs can design custom metal cabinets, steel storage cabinets, and even custom mobile storage cabinets to fit all of your needs. These cabinets won’t just be functional: they will also be elegant and fit your style. Lancaster Customs can even make them any colour so everything will match, making the perfect background for your woodworking projects or the vintage car or motorcycle you are restoring.

Family Room Built In

The metal storage cabinets can have lots of possibilities with all of the little details the designers have at their disposal. They can be made with individual slots for all of your tools and they can even be lockable storage cabinets if you want them to be even more secure. Whatever needs you have, the designers and manufacturers at Lancaster can work with you to make the perfect setup.

Your garage never has to look like it was just thrown together again with custom made cabinets and storage cabinets with drawers or if you prefer we can even make storage cabinets with doors. Camping gear, sports gear, tools, woodworking and art supplies, car parts and tools or even an escape to get away from the craziness in the house, it can all be organized and made into the perfect room. Lancaster Customs can even transform your garage into an office with office storage cabinets.

With all of the storage and cabinets Lancaster has, the designers can work with your space to make sure your vehicles, lawnmower and snowblower all have a spot in your garage away from the elements. No matter what you use your garage for, the award-winning designers at Lancaster can build a custom storage cabinet with durability that also fits your style.



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