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CUSTOM Home Office

Relaxing with a cup of coffee, rocking some comfortable pajamas and getting ready to work in your home office sounds like a perfect day, except one thing, where did that paper go? If you work from home and find yourself constantly looking for things or you just can’t get your office to be completely functional, then you need to call Lancaster Customs. Their professional designers can make the perfect home office cabinet design to fit your every need, so you can get back to being productive.

Whether your home office is a shared room, is in your garage, basement, attic or it is the favourite room in your house with big bay windows, Lancaster Customs can work with you to make it even better. We can work with you to design beautiful custom home office cabinets that hold all your papers, books, files and even some inspirational motivators. We can make you the home office filing cabinet of your dreams. Files can be organized alphabetically, by date or any way you wish.

Home Office
Home Office


There will be room for more as your business grows. As your business expands you are going to need more things to keep it all in check. From pay stubs, to expenses and maybe even materials, storage cabinets or customized shelves to help organize your future don’t have to be boring or have only one function. If you want a storage cabinet that doubles as a desk or table it can be designed. If you want the closet to work as a storage unit for materials in your office, then that can be done too.

If you make jewelry, clothes, or even personal robots, you are going to need a space to keep all of your items together. Lancaster Customs can make sure that all of your tools and materials are taken care of in their own special spot built into your custom home office cabinet system. It doesn’t matter if you want your office to be modern and sleek, or rustic and relaxing, our designers will create the office cabinetry with your style and needs in mind.

Even if your home office is only used for the paperwork because you spend most of your workday in the garage, backyard or travelling to people’s homes, you are still going to need a place to put that paperwork. Lancaster Customs can make any room accessible, even if all you need is a custom filing cabinet for paperwork, contracts and plans, it can be designed with your home in mind.

Lancaster Customs will take the space you have for your home office, no matter what the size is, and it will transform it into the perfect space for you to work and create. A built-in desk to go with your home office cabinets and even some hidden storage compartments for some added function can all be personally chosen and made unique to your own style. You won’t ever have to worry about that paper or piece of fabric going missing because after your custom cabinets are installed everything will have its own spot. Lancaster Customs even has organizational brackets and drawer separators to match your office supplies. No longer will you fiddle with paper clips, post-its, pens, pencils, staples and even labels, trying to find that one supply you need. Now, each fiddly bit will have its own proper space so you can quickly move onto working on the next project.



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