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Wall Bed

At Lancaster, maximizing every inch of space is our goal.  Our passion to organize and tailor any room in your house is our expertise.  When it comes to Wall Beds and Murphy Beds, our tailored solutions will truly show you the meaning of functionality and space optimization! We manufacture wall beds in single, double, and queen sizes – offered in the traditional vertical set-up or horizontal option for those tight spaces.

Horizontal Wall Bed

In recent years, we’ve noticed that customers are dealing with tight spaces such as media lofts, dens, and small bedrooms – the surge in condominium construction and sales has lead to the increase in demand for smart storage solutions such as our wall bed systems.

Vertical Wall Bed

With our custom wall bed systems, you can customize what you truly want to store and organize in that small space that has left you puzzled.  Our award-winning design team will accurately measure and design a customized solution for your area that requires a wall bed.  The increased storage and functionality will truly be a work of art!



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