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Other Rooms & Cabinets

Custom Wine Cellar Cabinets

A full-bodied, rich red with hints of berry might be your favourite, or it could be a crisp, dry white that quenches your thirst. Whichever wine you prefer, even if you can’t seem to pick just one, Lancaster Customs can help you.

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Custom-Made Murphy Beds

Is your home the party house? Does it sometimes feel like you live in Grand Central Station with all the friends and family members staying over and visiting? Do you never have enough room in your home for everyone staying the night?

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Custom Mudroom Storage Solutions

No one likes mud and snow tracked everywhere throughout the house. That’s why mudrooms were invented. But just because it’s a mudroom doesn’t mean it has to be neglected and less stylish than the rest of your home.

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Custom Made Laundry Rooms Cabinets

No one likes to do laundry. It takes a long time, there are a lot of steps and it just isn’t a fun chore. But doing it in a beautiful room can make it a little easier.

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