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Custom Mudroom Storage Solutions

No one likes mud and snow tracked everywhere throughout the house. That’s why mudrooms were invented. But just because it’s a mudroom doesn’t mean it has to be neglected and less stylish than the rest of your home. Custom mudroom cabinets can be built to hold your boots and shoes. There can even be a custom area just for umbrellas.

Whatever your style, Lancaster Customs can make you a mudroom to match. If you are a sports family and have a lot of equipment and sports memorabilia there is a design for you. The designers can make you custom mudroom locker cabinets that look like a locker room, so you will automatically feel at home the moment you walk in the door. Along with the lockers, storage cabinets can be added in for everything else you would need at the door, including sandals, hats, sunglasses and even your water cooler for that big game. Everything can be put into one convenient spot.

If sports aren’t your thing but theatre is, Lancaster Customs can make a mudroom to fit your love of the stage. You can walk in your front door to see mudroom cabinets that look like a backstage area with mirrors and big round bulb lights. Your theatre costumes and props can be put away in your new mudroom storage cabinets.

If extravagant rich details are more to your style, then the designers can make that top priority when designing and creating your mudroom. Crown moulding, detailed hangers and door handles can all be made specifically for you. Just like the rest of your home, style and elegance will fill your mudroom. Custom mudroom cabinets can be made with organizers built in to hold high heels, silk shawls and even your mink coat. Whatever you want and need to be hung up or stored in your mudroom can have a special spot made just for it.

The award-winning designers at Lancaster Customs can take any of your mudroom cabinet ideas and work with you to make them a reality. If you love the shine of metal or have wood grains accenting your entire home, Lancaster Customs can make your mudroom stand out and flow with the rest of your home.

Your mudroom doesn’t just have to be in your home, it could be in a cottage, pool house or even on a built-in deck for your trailer. You don’t have to worry about sand being tracked all over your cottage with the perfect mudroom being a buffer. A place for towels, sunscreen and even a little water bucket to wash your feet of all the leftover sandcastles can be built into your mudroom. Lancaster Customs can even make a spot for your outdoor furniture to go for when it’s raining outside. With custom cabinets your coats, boots and even scuba gear can be at the ready whenever you need them. You won’t ever have to waste time looking for your snorkel and waterproof camera ever again.




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