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Custom-Made Murphy Beds

Is your home the party house? Does it sometimes feel like you live in Grand Central Station with all the friends and family members staying over and visiting? Do you never have enough room in your home for everyone staying the night? If this sounds like you, then you might be in need of some Murphy beds.

If your guest room and couch just don’t leave you enough space, then you might benefit from a custom-made Murphy bed. This space-saving bed pulls out from the wall and creates an instant bed when it is pulled down. Lancaster Customs can design a custom wall bed for you that matches your decor and your home so that no one will even know it is a bed until you pull it out.

You could have a Murphy bed in each one of your rooms and the designers at Lancaster Customs can make them all look like accent walls in your home. After the party dies down and everyone is ready to crash for the night, you can pull all the beds down without worrying about who is going to sleep on the floor this time.

Murphy beds are also perfect for small rooms, condos or apartments where there isn’t a lot of room. If you need your home to function more as a living space than a sleeping space, then a custom wall bed is what you need.

Lancaster Customs is one of the top industry leaders in making Murphy beds in Canada. They can use any style or motif to make what you need. The award-winning designers can take small details and make your custom-made Murphy bed unique to your style and needs. When your bed is down and ready to be slept in, you might want custom cabinets built-in with end tables. A place for water, your phone, an alarm clock and your book could be needed. The designers can work that into the plan to make sure all your needs are met without losing the style and look that you want.

Murphy beds are also perfect for making a room multipurpose. Your basement can double as a game room or family room during the day, and at night, it can be used for slumber parties, surprise guests or family reunions.

You can also have a custom-made Murphy bed for your sunroom. The sounds of the rain against the roof and the glass windows, the smell of rain and springtime in the air and the cool breeze coming through the windows can make for a restful, deep sleep. Lancaster Customs can make sure the wall bed works with your decor and doesn’t interrupt the flow of your sunroom.

The experts at Lancaster Customs can even have custom Murphy beds built into your cottage so there is more room for vacationers and celebration. With a Murphy bed built into your cottage you can have even more friends and family join the late night party and bonfire.




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