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Custom Wine Cellar Cabinets

A full-bodied, rich red with hints of berry might be your favourite, or it could be a crisp, dry white that quenches your thirst. Whichever wine you prefer, even if you can’t seem to pick just one, Lancaster Customs can help you.

Your dream wine cellar isn’t as far as you think. Lancaster Customs can help you create a custom wine cabinet with a matching wall wine rack. Whether you want it in a dark cherry wood or a blonde oak, your wine rack will be elegant and reflect your tastes.

Wine Room

Custom-built wine racks can organize your bottles by vintage, locale, type of grape or even by bouquet. Your wine collection can be organized in custom wine cellar racks so you won’t ever have to search for the perfect bottle again. It will be in its spot, ready for the perfect occasion to be opened.

Wine storage cabinets can be placed in your basement, in a cold storage room, upstairs in their own room or in the kitchen. Wherever you want your wine Lancaster Customs can make it happen. Wine cellars can be made to be hidden or they can be the focal point in a room. Custom wine storage cabinets can even be made to store hidden bottles that you want to save.

The design team at Lancaster Customs can make custom-built wine cabinets to fit any style. If bling calls your name and you need your custom wine cabinets to be as sparkling as your champagne, or if muted and elegant is more your style, a custom wine cellar can be made for you.

Wine Cellar Cabinetry
Wine Cellar Cabinetry

You won’t have to worry about not having enough room or having to pick between the merlot and the sauvignon blanc at the store, because your custom wine rack will be able to hold both. A custom cabinet can even be made for your wine glasses and champagne flutes.

An entire bar can be custom-built for you by the experts at Lancaster Customs. Custom drawers and cabinets can be built for wine openers, glasses and even a drawer for your wine cork collection. You won’t have to wait to open the perfect bottle because your opener will be in its spot waiting to pop the cork on the next vintage.

Lancaster Customs can even build you a special compartment in your custom cabinets to place all the empties while they wait to be replaced by the next vintages. There won’t be empty bottles lining the counters after a party anymore because your custom cabinet will hold all of the bottles you need while you open the next ones.

Your love of a full-bodied glass of wine can now be enjoyed in a beautiful, relaxing setting among other vintages or next to your custom wine cellar in the kitchen. Either way, you won’t have to worry about where you are going to put your next bottle.

Wine Room
Wine Room


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